Knights Templar Connections - Blisland, Cornwall

Questions and possible Answers concerning the Knights Templar in Cornwall, UK.

The village of Blisland, Cornwall.

The Church at Blisland is the Mother Church of the tiny one at Temple. These pictures were taken at Blisland Church, a few miles from the Temple Church at Temple hamlet - and sets out a potted history of the Church at Temple.

What is very interesting is the almost life-sized wooden figure of a lady holding a child, which one can see almost immediately entering Blisland Church.

What is significant is that she is dressed in BLACK. Is this a representation of the 'Black Madonna'?

Additionally, if one looks closely you will see that she is standing within the horns of a crescent moon. Is this an oblique reference to Isis? She is supported by two tall candlesticks to the side. She is obvious considered to be of some great importance. Notice also the fresh flowers at her feet.

Does the "Black Madonna" statue depict Sarah, the supposed daughter of Mary Magdalene, who landed in Southern France, when Mary Magdalene left the Holyland after Jesus' death, or not, as the case might be, and began the French Cathar movement and the beginnings of the Priory of Sion connection who claim to be the direct descendants of Jesus himself? It may also indicate why there are so many connections to France displayed in Blisland church.

To her right is a plain glass window which shows a complete rose - but it has no colour. Is this indicating that 'The Rose' is no longer there? Very strange indeed.

The Church itself is replete with symbols and emblems regarding a French connection, including a Lorraine Cross, shaded somewhat by screens, on the altar. The lecturn Bible in the body of the Church, when I visited, was open to a chapter recounting the building of Solomon's Temple. Certainly a Masonic connection. The tall memorial in the churchyard has a Templar sword, again a Masonic connection.


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