How to find us!

This is a delightful place to visit with an exceedingly friendly welcome from the owners and their family. The peace and tranquility of this beautiful location is worth the visit alone! The informality of the place is far removed from the frantic hustle and bustle of the usual tourist trap.

Here you can experience rural life as it really is - and enjoy sampling the various ciders available too!

Organised visits are a recent introduction - we locals have known about the place for years but kept the knowledge to ourselves! The secret is now being shared with you. Genuinely well worth the visit - especially to drink a sample or two!

BE WARNED! Cider can be around 6.5%+ vol, so its strong stuff. Your head will feel fine but you can lose your legs!!

Prices - just over 4 per 2.5 litres - cheaper if you bring your own containers.
You are welcome to visit us all year round to see how our traditional Farmhouse Ciders are made.

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