Lydford Village

Ancient Mint and Stannary - West Dartmoor

Rural Tranquility



See The White Lady Waterfall at Lydford Gorge

Lydford was once a busy township what with being a stannary, having a mint where silver was coined, and its castle where those who upset the tinners were incarcerated and left to rot!
Nowadays it is a peaceful rural village where everybody knows everyone else and the traffic stops for pedestrians and cats sit on garden walls and watch the world pass by!

The Castle Inn has an extensive menu and a good place to eat, or to rest perhaps, maybe sipping a couple of beers and just watching the world drift by!
The infamous Lydford castle is immediately adjacent the pub and worthy of a visit. No stiff entrance fees to visit here! The whole area is steeped in medieval history, romantic tales of Lorna Doone, - and of course has quietude.
Search out Silver Street in the village and perhaps take a few photos. Lydford is now a quiet backwater village with great charm. The pace of life here is something to be savoured!
Within walking distance is the entrance to Lydford Gorge. This property is owned by the National Trust. Not really a place for the infirm or disabled - especially if it has been raining a day or so before.