Silly Questions - DID YOU KNOW...

DID YOU KNOW - that Donald Duck's father was Sir Francis Drake who lived at Tavistock in Devon? He, Sir Francis - not Donald, was the first chap to sail all the way around the world. His statue is at Tavistock. They cleaned his statue a short while ago and broke his sword off!!!! He was rather a tough guy and would be called a pirate if he were alive today.
Funny how some people become famous for being pirates isn't it!
DID YOU KNOW - that the difference between a fly is that one of its legs is both shorter than the other one?
DID YOU KNOW - that fish like to have their belly tickled? Its true.
As a young boy I used to lie on the river bank and tickle the trout around the belly and then when they were quite settled I would grab them, sling them out on to the bank and very soon lit a fire and ate them! Was it legal? No! but nobody took too much notice in the days of hundreds of years ago when I was a boy. Besides it stopped us from being too hungry. There as a war on at the time and food was short.
DID YOU KNOW - that America used to send hundreds of ships to England back in the 1940s filled with food. Many of those ships were sunk on the way over across the Atlantic ocean. It took ages and the seas were very rough. Nowadays it takes just a few hours by Concorde!
DID YOU KNOW - that the European buzzard hawk lays one plain egg and one spotted one? I wonder how she knows which one is going to be which! Perhaps if its the wrong colour she wipes the spots off!
DID YOU KNOW - that birds can't count? If two people enter a hide to take photos of birds and one then leaves and goes away the birds think that the hide is empty and quickly ignore it. TIP - take a friend with you next time and then send them home!!!! Let them stay for a little while if it happens to be raining though!
DID YOU KNOW - that if your nose is running and your feet are smelling that you are probably standing on your head?
DID YOU KNOW - that you can't rub you eyes with your elbows? Go on try it now. I bet you can't do it.
DID YOU KNOW - that yesterday as I was going to St. Ives I met a man with seven wives. Seven wives had seven sacks. Seven sacks had seven cats. Seven cats had seven kits. How many were there going to St Ives?
Answer is ... ONE .... ME! Read it again :-)